Who is Opposed to ATC Privatization?

In addition to over 200 organizations, there is wide ranging opposition to air traffic control (ATC) privatization from mayors, business leaders, and opinion leaders on both sides of the aisle.

Mayors from Across the Country
Over 100 mayors from all 50 states signed a letter to Congress stating that ATC privatization is a risky plan which takes away Congressional oversight of our airspace. Review the letter.

Respected News Outlets Highlight Mayors Letter
Newspapers from across the country took note of the mayor’s letter, including the Star Tribune in Minnesota. Review the article.

Groups Representing Consumers and Citizens
The leaders of In the Public Interest, the National Consumers League, the Center on Policy Initiatives, Working Partnerships USA and the Alliance for Aviation Across America sent a letter to Congress opposing ATC privatization. Review the letter.

Consumer Groups Make their Voice Heard in USA Today
The executive director of the National Consumers League had a letter published in USA Today arguing that privatization will shift airline costs to consumers. Review the letter.

Leading Conservative Groups
The American Conservative Union Foundation, Americans for Tax Reform, Center for Individual Freedom and Institute for Liberty have all raised significant concerns about ATC privatization as proposed in H.R. 2997. Review the ACUF analysis, ATR letter, CFIF letter and Institute for Liberty letter.

Over 100 Business Leaders
In a letter to Congress, over 100 business leaders, nearly all of whom are pilots, made clear that ATC privatization will harm their businesses by reducing general aviation access to airports and airspace. Review the letter.

Groups Representing Rural Communities, Agriculture and Small Business
Through a joint letter, groups including the League of Rural Voters and National Farmers Union expressed strong opposition to ATC privatization. Review the letter.

Majority of American Voters
In a survey sponsored by CNBC, more than half of the people surveyed think it is a “bad idea” to turn over the nation’s ATC system to an airline dominated board. Review the survey results.